The Mark’s Ark Inc is a not for profit, registered animal welfare charity dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned animals, primarily cats and dogs, from high kill-shelters and owners who can no longer care for them.  By working with our committed local veterinarian, we are able to provide animals with loving temporary care and find them a well-matched, carefully screened forever home.

We also serve as a resource to our community and all pet owners by providing education   and information on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spay/neuter, positive behaviour training, and good nutrition.


1 To provide care for lost, neglected, surrendered, abused and sick animals.

2 To provide veterinary care and rehabilitation for these animals to recover until they are well, no matter how long the process.

3 To abide by a no kill policy; animals in our care will only be euthanised if their quality of life is greatly diminished by a non-manageable or treatable condition.

4 To desex, microchip, vaccinate, heartworm test (dogs only), worm and flea treat all animals that come into our care (unless against veterinary advice).

5 To rehome animals in our care (that are suitable for adoption) to an approved home.

6 To raise money from private, corporate, government and public sources to fund rules 1-5 plus

7 To eventually open an animal sanctuary to home animals that come into our care who are not suitable for rehoming and/or need substantial long-term care and rehabilitation, due to neglect, abuse and/or illness.

8 To take back any rescue animal placed at any time for the term of that animal’s natural life.

9 To work with other reputable rescue groups and organisations to increase public awareness     

   and education on animal issues.